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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Sia Coin Miner

Universal Mining Control

Via Webdash 

Via ePIC Dashboard

  • Download the latest software here:
  • Select the miner that you want to update
  • Go to “System” at the bottom of the dashboard
  • Under “Update Firmware”, click “Browse”, and select the firmware update zip file that you have just downloaded
  • Enter your password and hit “Apply”
  • Done!
  • Check if you are updated to the latest firmware version
  • Check if your machine is supported by our UMC. Currently, we support S19 J and XP series, as well as M30 and M50 series
  • We recommend using the 1-hour or 24-hour hashrate reading. The 15-minute hashrate reading is not stable

When you see the lights are blinking red and green, it means that the system is still calibrating. When you see:

  • Only the green light is blinking, the system is booting;
  • The green light is solid and the red light is off, the system is mining properly;
  • Both the green and red lights are solid, the system has defective hashboard(s).
  • Currently, we support S19 J and XP series, as well as M30 and M50 series
  • It really depends on the cooling of the machines and the upper limit of your power supply. We highly encourage each user to do their own experiment since the environmental conditions are vastly different from one user to another.
  • No. The UMC board only supports firmware published by ePIC
  • No. The ePIC firmware only works on the UMC board
  • We only charge one flat fee for both the UMC board and the firmware! You will get to use the product and firmware update without any additional fees.


  • Of course! We have taken special design considerations to make Model 520i able to run in air and in immersion. You can decide which environment you want to operate the model 520i in depending on your needs
  • There are 2 C19 plugs on the miner. Noted that power cables are not included.
  • 5kW PSU to allow headroom for overclocking
  • Overclocking abilities
  • Keeps running even after fan removal in immersion
  • PSU fan switch 
  • Minimal stickers to minimize the risk of debris blocking the tank filter
  • Graphite thermal pads to reduce the risk of being washed away in immersion
  • The switch on the PSU is for turning off the fans in the PSU. Some users use it for immersion to avoid taking apart the PSUs and taking the PSU fans out
  • The default password is letmein
  • You can change the password under Settings>System>Change Password


Yes, you can mass manage your deployment using the ePIC Dashboard. Installation package and user guide can be found here. We also provide API documentation to facilitate smooth integration if you have a existing management tool already. 

Yes, our PSU can operate in Normal Mode in both 110v and 220v. However, it should be noted that all the miners are defaulted to “Efficiency Mode”. To change the mining mode:

  •  Open your ePIC Dashboard
  •  Select “Table” on the menu on your left-hand side
  •  Select the miner that you wish to change
  •  Under “OPERATING MODE”, you will find a drop down menu under “Mode”
  •  Select the desired mode
  •  Fill in the password and click “APPLY”
  •  You are all set!

A power cord is not included with the miner. You will need to provide one based on the requirements of the country where the product will be used.

All the SD cards are now come preflashed. In the event that your SD card needs to be reflashed, you may find more details here.

There might be various reasons that your miner is not discoverable by the dashboard. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

– Check if your miner has been powered on
– Check to see if the lights located in the front of the rig are solid green. If you see the lights flickering red and green, that means your rig is still calibrating. Check if your internet is working
– If the lights are solid green, check if your rig is still mining to your wallet
– If the rig is still mining, make sure that the dashboard and the miner are on the same subnet (same switch/router/etc). If miner is on a different subnet or connected to the network through a switch or router, then epic-dashboard might not pick it up automatically
– If your miner is still having issues, contact and provide a 3min video of the miner booting up.

– Check if your miner is set to efficiency mode. In efficiency mode, the expected hashrate is 1.8 TH/s +/-10%. If you wish to change the mode your machine is running on, check “OPERATING MODE” on your dashboard
– If your rig is still hashing at a lower-than-expected rate, check if your firmware has been updated to the latest version. You may download the latest version here.

We periodically update our firmware. Updating your firmware is crucial in keeping your rigs performing optimally. There are two ways that you can update your firmware:
Update firmware through ePIC Dashboard(recommended)

– Download the latest version of firmware
– Select the rig(s) on which you want to update firmware by clicking the checkboxes on the left side of each row in the table.

– On ePIC Dashboard, click “Firmware” at the bottom of the menu bar. Click “browse” in the “Firmware file” and upload the file that you have just downloaded.
– Check off “Maintain config over update” (otherwise, the miner will mine to the default manufacturer wallet, not the wallet that you have changed to)
– Fill in your password and click “Apply”. Your firmware will be updated
Update firmware through flashing the SD card
Please review the section “Flashing a microSD card with ePIC image” in the Installation Guide here