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Technologies for PoW Blockchains

Universal Mining Control Board and Firmware

Our Customers & Partners

Our Story

We are engineers based in North America with a passion for high-performance distributed systems. We are harnessing our semiconductor and system design experience to build profitable blockchain technologies for you.


Blockchain-intensive algorithms accelerated by dedicated chips and ASIC miners


Designs optimized for low-power and high-profit


Custom hardware, firmware, and accessories to enhance and extend miners’ profit and life-cycle

Mining Rigs

Our deep experience in mining rigs design and optimization enables us to build custom Bitcoin miners. Our mining rigs are built to the specifications of our customers with specific emphasis on cost, performance/hashrate, and thermal solution including liquid immersion and hydro. Our designs go through rigorous testing and qualification to ensure maximum uptime and profitability in the field.

We also offer a range of mining rigs for Altcoins; more details on new systems for PoW algorithms coming!

Fleet Enhancement

We work hard to extend your profitability and ROI! Our PowerPlay technology is designed with an eye to providing maximum flexibility and control over important mining parameters. We design control boards, custom firmware, PSUs, and thermal solutions, including liquid immersion and hydro cooling. ePIC’s PowerPlay technology enables you to extend the lifecycle of existing machines or launch new rigs with enhanced capabilities.

Blockchain Chips

We have a strong record in high-performance chip design from the most respectable chip companies in North America. Our experience includes GPU designs for gaming and AI, video technologies, firmware, and high-speed mixed-signal IPs for FinFET processes. We harness this experience to design custom chips for the blockchain economy with an eye to performance, efficiency, and mining profitability.

Our chips are manufactured by TSMC. We are very fortunate and appreciative of our close relationships with TSMC, an important pillar of our competitive advantage.

ePIC News

Chain Reaction and ePIC Blockchain Forge Collaboration for Hashing Systems

ePIC is building high efficiency hashing systems on Chain Reaction’s cutting-edge ASICs in lead up to Bitcoin Halving

A10 with background

ePIC Blockchain Introduces the ePIC BlockMiner™, North American Designed Bitcoin Mining Rigs Based on Intel® Blockscale™ Technology

Two new Bitcoin mining systems are optimized for mining operations dynamics, performance and efficiency and come in the traditional tower style form factor as well as in a 4U data center style form factor


ePIC Blockchain announces UMC support for S19 XP to boost Bitcoin-mining capabilities

XP to boost Bitcoin-mining capabilities The royalty-free, groundbreaking control board and firmware achieves sub 19 J/TH efficiency, and allows Bitcoin mining companies to gain full control of their mining operations