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Mining Rigs

ePIC BlockMiner - Model 520i

The ePIC BlockMiner™ model 520i is a high-performance, immersion ready Bitcoin miner powered by ePIC UMC. Designed in North America, this model is built in the traditional Bitcoin miner form factor and features Intel® Blockscale™ chips offering a range of performance and efficiency options.


With the ePIC UMC board and firmware, the model 520i is optimized for flexibility, and can be dynamically tuned to modulate frequency and voltage in real-time to meet curtailment requirements. This flexibility is complemented by an overclocking headroom of up to ~50%, making the model 520i a highly adaptable option for your mining needs.


The model 520i comes with a powerful 5kW PSU

ePIC BlockMiner - Model 740a

The ePIC BlockMiner™ 740a is a highly efficient air-cooled Bitcoin miner designed and manufactured by ePIC. With Intel® Blockscale™ technology and a 4U form factor, this miner is optimized for seamless deployment in data centers.

The ePIC UMC (Universal Mining Control) and firmware technology ensures optimal performance and efficiency with precise frequency and voltage modulation to meet power curtailment requirements. This model also offers custom firmware and APIs for fleet-specific considerations and management software.

The model 740a is a top-performing choice for Bitcoin mining that offers efficiency and flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Fleet Enhancement

Custom Fleet Enhancement

Our UMC Universal Mining Control board and accompanying PowerPlay software and firmware enable you to take full control over your mining facility, and accommodate the environmental conditions and power requirements of your location and fleet.

We will make your asset worth more than it is now, mine longer, and produce more profit.

The UMC (Universal Mining Control) board with custom firmware is the most popular product in this line. ePIC’s royalty-free control board for Bitcoin mining rigs helps you to have more control over your mining operation. Now ePIC’s UMC supports S19, J pro, J pro+, K pro and XP families, as well as M30 and M50 families.

Blockchain Chips

Blockchain Chips

This is where it all starts. We design a range of PoW blockchain chips that power our miners. A new chip is underway…