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Mining Rigs

Bitcoin Miners

Our Bitcoin miners are tailored to your specifications. We provide a turnkey solution with volume production to fire up your mining facilities. A range of thermal solutions (air, water, immersion) is available along with the matching power solution.


We have also designed Bitcoin miners using the Intel® Blockscale™ technology; these systems are available for Intel qualified customers. Please contact us for more details.


New PoW Miner

We are coming with a new PoW miner in Q1 2023. Stay tuned!

Fleet Enhancement

Custom Fleet Enhancement

Our PowerPlay technology includes control board, customized firmware, and PSUs designed for the environmental condition of your location and fleet.
We will make your asset worth more than it is now, mine longer, and produce more profit. 



The Universal Mining Control board with custom firmware is the most popular product in this line. This custom control board for Bitcoin mining rigs helps you to have more control over your mining operation. 

Blockchain Chips

Blockchain Chips

This is where it all starts. We design a range of PoW blockchain chips that power our miners. A new chip is underway…