Can this miner operate at 110V?

Yes but our miner can only operate on eco mode at 110v. Please see the specifications on eco mode here.

Does the product ship with a power cord

A power cord is not included with the miner. You will need to provide one based on the requirements of the country where the product will be used.

Where can I find the files to load onto SD card

Download will be availble once the SC200 ships. You may find more details on the how to set up your SC200 here.


Since availability of the SC200's is Limited, what's the best way to ensure I receive my order?

The best way is to place your order early. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

When will the SC200 ship?

The estimated shipment is in December 2021. Shipping time is subject to change.

I'd like to order X or more SC200's. Is there special pricing available?

Yes. Please contact us at sales@epicasic.com. We offer volume discounts for orders over 25 units.

I'd like to pay with cryptocurrency

Currently, we are accepting USDT as payment. Please contact sales@epicasic.com for payment instructions.

How is shipping calculated?

We will charge a flat rate based on your location. Shipping costs will be reassesed as we get ready to ship and you will be refunded the difference if the actual cost of shipping is less than the estimated amount.

I already have a PSU, can I order SC200 on its own?

Yes. You can choose to purchase the rig with or without a power supply for your order.

What are the duties and tariffs?

This will depend on the country that the machines are shipped to. For your reference, the product of origin is China. Our terms are FOB and DDU

Do you have a preferred 3PL provider?

We use both FedEx and DHL. Note, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times may be longer. We are not liable for delays.

Will you ship to a PO Box?

Unfortunately, we do not provide shippng to a PO Box