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With over 130 years of combined experience, we are a team of highly-experienced ASIC and systems engineers focused on bringing profitable altcoin miners to you!

Meet the SC200 - Earns More Than BTC Miners!

Highly Optimized and performance Tuned ASIC made by ePIC

2.2 TH/s

@1300W in Performance Mode

1.8 TH/s

@900 Watts in Eco mode/110V


better efficiency than popular rigs on the Sia network


The hash rate of current generation hardware


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Price: $2,000 USD

Backordered until December 2021*

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Model Name   SC200
Algorithm Support   BLAKE2b / BLAKE2b-Sia
Hashrate in GH/s (Performance / Eco)   2200 / 1800
Power Consumption in W (Performance / Eco)   1300 / 900
Power efficiency @25°C in J/GH   0.59 / 0.50
Power Supply Input in Volts (Optional)   120V / 220V
Networking Connectivity   RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M
Rig Size in mm (L x W x H)   340 x 130 x 140
Rig Weight in kg   4.4
PSU Size in mm (L x W x H)   280 x 110 x 45
PSU Weight in kg   1.4
Noise @25°C in dBA   72
Warranty in Months   6
Country of Design   Canada
Country of Manufacture   China

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Who is ePIC?

Based in North America, we’ve delivered industry leading semiconductors for companies like Sony, Nintendo, AMD, ATI, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and many more who have all benefited from ePIC’s expertise in high performance, parallel processing, and power efficiency.
In fact, chances are good that the products you’re already using in everyday life incorporate ePIC's design DNA - PC’s, Smartphones, Game Consoles, and GPUs.
Who are we? WE are unrivaled in the industry for bringing the best ASICs to market. Blockchain is the new frontier and ePIC is bringing its vast expertise here.

What does ePIC do?

ePIC creates state-of-the-art semiconductors and rigs for Blockchain mining.
Incorporating innovative designs, ePIC delivers high-performance, power-efficient Blockchain semiconductors.
ePIC's end-to-end system philosophy covers architecture planning, specifications development, verilog coding, FPGA validation, logic synthesis, circuit board design, firmware and driver development, RTL/GDSII hand-off, supplier qualification, and semiconductor supply chain management.

ePIC News

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The ePIC Team

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Henry Quan

Grew a small Canadian company to become one of world’s leading GPU providers. Henry is shaping ePIC to become a formidable semiconductor provider in the growing Blockchain economy.

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Earl Mai

Over 15 years of digital design and architecture experience in parallel compute and memory intensive designs. Now focused on providing the power needed to bring Blockchain to the masses.

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Jim Seto

Successful company-wide engineering and operational transformations such as COT implementations and Asset-Lite strategies. Jim is bringing order and operational excellence to the Blockchain hardware space.

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Albert W


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Albert M


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